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CACity proudly presents the past events of 2014-2015.


7 - 21 June 2017

CACity Walled Cities Season 1

A CACity research group event series funded by the SNBE Culture and Society Research Cluster, and hosted by the QFT. 

Introductions and Guest speakers; Merav AmirMazen Iwaisi, Frank GaffikinKen SterrettGul Kacmaz Erk and Liat Savin Ben-Shoshan

8 -12 June 2015

CACity Urban Filmmaking Workshop: Vacant/Occupied

PLACE, 9 Lower Garfield Street

Tutors: Dr Gul Kacmaz Erk and Paddy Cahill



13 May 2015

2.30 pm. CACity meeting

4 pm. CACity film screening: Pruitt Igoe Myth (Chad Freidrichs, 2011)

Introduced by Dr Tanja Poppelreuter



11 March 2015

2.30 pm. CACity round table discussion

4 pm. (QFT) CACity keynote lecture: Dr Mark Shiel, King's College London (in collaboration with QUB Film Studies)



11 February 2015

2.30 pm. CACity meeting

4 pm. CACity film screening: Drawing on Life (Paul Clarke and Conor McCafferty, 2014) 

Introduced by Paul Clarke and Conor McCafferty



14 January 2015

2.30 pm. CACity round table discussion


We had a great discussion around the general topic of 'Cinema and Architecture in the City'. Dr Stefano Baschiera and Dr Gul Kacmaz Erk have reported back about the projects they lead, film industry+urban generation, and digital urban mapping (database), respectively. Gul has also talked about her Liverpool visit/presentation about our database project at the Provoke PhD Seminar Series, kindly founded by QUB Architecture. We are delighted to let you know that CACity and CAVA (Centre of Architecture and Visual Arts,) at University of Liverpool will be collaborating in the future. A special thanks to GIS expert Lorraine Barry who has worked hard on the first draft of our Belfast Cinema Locatipons prototype.


After the discussion, we had the privilege to attend a fantastic talk by Dr Laura Rascaroli of University College Cork. This lecture, a collaboration of CACity and QUB Film Studies, was one of the best architecture-film talks we have ever attended. For the film Laura talked about, Marc Isaac’s Lift (2001). We also discussed the possibility of collaboration of QUB and UCC. .


4 pm. (QFT) CACity keynote lecture: Dr Laura Rascaroli, University College Cork (in collaboration with QUB Film Studies)



10 December 2014

2.30 pm. CACity meeting

6 pm. CACity film screening: Mickybo and me (Terry Loane, 2004)

Introduced by Dr David Grant



12 November 2014

5 pm. CACity meeting

6 pm. CACity film screening: Antoni Gaudi (Hiroshi Teshigahara, 1985)

Introduced by Dr Des O’Rawe 



8 October 2014

5 pm. CACity meeting

6 pm. CACity film screening: My Uncle (Jacques Tati, 1958) 

Introduced by Dr Gul Kacmaz Erk 

Jan 2015
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