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Queen’s University Belfast, SPACE

CACity Research Group

Dr Gul Kacmaz Erk

David Keir Building, Stranmillis Road

Belfast BT9 5AG, UK



Welcome to the official website of CACity: Cinema and Architecture in the City


CACity brings together diverse academic and practical work on the topic of cinema, architecture and the city. We use film analysis and film-making as a way of understanding the urban environment. This is an alternative way to the so-called objective representations of the city, such as architectural drawings, maps, and scale models.


The intersection of film and architecture has been an area of interest for scholars and practitioners from architecture, urban design, planning, geography, film studies, media studies, visual arts, history, anthropology, and so on. The website aims to be a source of information and inspiration for them as well as bringing these researchers together for theoretical and/or practical outcomes. These may include but are not limited to books, journal articles, reviews, funding applications, conference presentations, public talks, event organisations, workshops, and film production. 


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