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As a creative way to represent and interact with the urban environment and the life of cities, architecture and filmmaking can be studied to analyse, interpret and develop new approaches to the urban experience. In this context, CACity research group brings academics, professionals and students from diverse disciplines together to open up a discussion on popular, conventional and alternative ways of interaction with the urban environment, using the interdisciplinary methods of research on architecture and film. CACity is an interdisciplinary project research group based in Queen’s University Belfast in the UK, and is funded and supported by The Institute for Collaborative Research in the Humanities. The group is open to all who are interested in collaborating with researchers and practitioners working in the area of cinema, architecture and the city.


Three areas in particular are in the scope of CACity:

- Mapping cinematic cities in architecture-film critical literature: an interactive database based on bibliographical research

- Film industry and urban development in Belfast: NI Screen and beyond

- The city behind the camera: filmmaking as a creative tool for urban representation

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