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There are many types of editing software, the most popular professional ones include: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, Avid and Sony Vegas.


Linkts to basic tutorials for some simple editing programs:

Final Cut Pro 

Adobe Premier






A list of films recomened by Paddy and Gul for review prior to the workshop.


Manufactured landscape

We like the opening of this documentary film, in one shot its challenging and meditative. They could have taken any number of approaches to setting the scene for the film. The approach they took with one long tracking shot shows a beautiful simplicity but also shows bravery by the filmmakers. 


Limber Notes

With limited time and locations, but a great subject you can make something beautiful.


New York Subway Staris

Urban and observational.


Hitchcock's Rare Window Timelaps 

Here is an interesting video-analysis of the courtyard in Hitchcock's Rare Window.


Running Time

This was a film made in the Dublin workshop Gul organised in 2010. The theme of the workshop was temporal movement, vertical movement, which matches with the passage of time, and is less frequently used in film in comparison to horizontal movement.



This is a student film made in QUB Architecture as part of a History-Theory module. Though a bit dominant, the music powerfully brings together the images, and the subtle construction noise is a bonus. The subject matter is a bit touristic.


Hic (none)

This was the winner of an architectural short film competition we organised in Turkey, where Gul is from. There is a narrative structure, though there is no explicit story.



Discussed Films


your breath



c/159 transformation

Architectural occupation



Aendy Adams’ architectural/artistic occupation


granby park

Urban/temporary occupation dublin


gezi (10.45-12.42)  

Urban/political occupation istanbul


year of light ireland (2.30-3.35)

Immaterial occupation





Urban skateboarding


The birds 1963 filming location


Five points alley occupied space in neighbourhood


Occupied facade



Directors mentioned:


Ingmar Bergman

Peter Greenaway

Federico Fellini

Alfred Hitchcock

Stanley Kubrick

Andrey Tarkovsky

Jacques Tati

Wim Wenders

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